Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of use for Cosmicorion

General Terms

In case of any discrepancies resulting from the translation, the wording used in the English version of the terms and conditions shall take precedence. These are the general terms and conditions of use for the online offer of the android application, referred to as the "Horoscope App" (hereinafter referred to as the "App"). The App is operated by Cosmicorion and offers an interactive online platform dedicated to horoscopes, providing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly readings for all zodiac signs. The App may be advertised under various brand names, which may also be subject to trademark law.

Registration and/or use of the App for commercial or professional purposes, including the sending of any form of advertisement (e.g., via news, etc.) to other users of the App, is strictly prohibited.

1. Terms of Use

1.1 By registering as a user and creating a user account in the Cosmicorion, the user agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms"). The user can access the provisions of these Terms at any time, review them in detail, and print or save a copy for their records. Unless otherwise specified in these Terms or on the Cosmicorion's individual pages, these Terms apply to the use of all features, content, functions, and services (collectively referred to as "Services") provided by the Cosmicorion.

2. Registration

2.1 To access the Services, users are not required to create a profile. Upon visiting the app/website, a unique account is automatically generated based on device information. Users may choose to provide an email address for receiving horoscope updates, but it is not obligatory. While Cosmicorion reserves the right to verify a user's age using suitable official documentation, it is not obligated to do so.

2.2 By registering, users affirm that they are fully capable of entering into this agreement.

3. Establishment of User Agreement

3.1 To enter into the agreement for the use of the Cosmicorion, users must install the software provided by the Cosmicorion on their mobile device or access on website, which enables communication within the network. 

3.2 Users do not have an inherent right to enter into a usage contract. Cosmicorion reserves the right to refuse a user without providing a reason. If Cosmicorion rejects a user, all data provided by the user and user account will be promptly deleted.

4. Checking, Blocking, Deleting and Securing User Data

4.1 We reserve the right, but are not obligated, to check user data and content for compliance with our terms and conditions and applicable laws, and to block or delete any content that violates them, in whole or in part.

4.2 Users are responsible for backing up their data if desired. Cosmicorion does not provide data backup services and assumes no liability for the non-recovery of user data, including databases, in case of data loss or damage. Our liability is excluded, particularly if any damage to the user results from their failure to back up their data, which would otherwise have enabled them to recover lost data at a reasonable cost.

5. Access and Account Security

5.1 The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their unique account information generated upon visiting the app/website, and shall not share this information with any third party. The user must ensure the security of their device, including setting a password and utilizing biometric login methods such as fingerprint readers or face recognition, to prevent unauthorized access to the stored horoscope data.

5.2 If the user allows third parties to access their device or the unique account information, we reserve the right to take appropriate action, including temporarily or permanently suspending or terminating the user's access without prior notice.

5.3 If the user suspects any compromise of their unique account information or unauthorized access to their device, they must immediately notify us through our designated channels.

5.4 The user is solely responsible for any activity related to their unique account, including any unauthorized activity, and shall indemnify us against any claims by third parties, including legal fees and expenses, resulting from such activity. However, we will not be liable for any loss or misuse of the account information.

6. Data Collection and Protection of Personal Information

6.1 Our app collects, processes, and uses personal information in accordance with the user's granted consent and legal provisions (such as the GDPR). Without explicit consent, we only collect and use personal information to the extent that it is necessary for the execution, use, and, if necessary, settlement.

6.2 Our privacy policy provides information on which data we collect, store, and process, for what purposes, which minimum data is required, which additional voluntary data users may provide, and how we ensure the security of personal information. We also provide technical information regarding data protection, such as cookies and log files.

6.3 We take measures to protect user data, including the use of firewalls and other protective devices. However, it is impossible to guarantee the highest possible security standards against unauthorized third-party access (such as hackers). We are not responsible for any unauthorized access to stored data, even if it results from unintentional circumvention of our security measures.

7. Liability of Cosmicorion

7.1 If Cosmicorion becomes aware of any legal violations by users or on linked third-party sites, it will take all necessary technical and personnel measures to prevent similar legal violations in the future. Users are also obligated to provide all requested information to Cosmicorion regarding any complaints of content that infringes their profile or has been discontinued. Users are expressly required to cooperate in the removal of any legal violations.

7.2 Cosmicorion is not responsible for the uninterrupted availability or accessibility of the app, technical transmission delays or failures, or for the proper functioning of internet infrastructures or transmission paths. Cosmicorion is not liable for any interruptions in the availability of the app that are necessary due to maintenance work.

7.3 Cosmicorion is not liable for any damages caused by force majeure, war, terrorism, natural disasters or other events that were not foreseen by Cosmicorion (such as strikes, lockouts, power failures, traffic disruptions, public orders, etc.).

7.4 Cosmicorion shall be liable for damages resulting from injury to life, body, or health in accordance with statutory provisions. The same applies to damages caused by intentional or grossly negligent acts. In the case of a simple negligent breach of a material contractual obligation (cardinal obligation), the liability of Cosmicorion is limited to the replacement of the foreseeable, typically occurring damage. Liability under the Product Liability Act remains unaffected by the above provisions. Furthermore, any further liability of Cosmicorion is excluded.

7.5 If the liability of Cosmicorion is excluded or limited, this also applies to Cosmicorion's employees, staff, representatives, and agents.

8. Guarantees of the user

8.1 The user warrants that all content, including but not limited to their profile etc. posted on Cosmicorion are not protected by third parties (such as personality, trademark, copyrights, etc.) and do not infringe upon any third party's rights.

8.2 The user is responsible for ensuring the technical integrity and virus-free nature of any content they post on Cosmicorion. The user is liable for any damages that may result from errors, viruses, worms, Trojans, or any other harmful content contained in their postings, unless such damages are not within the user's control.

9. Responsibility and obligations of the user Liability of Cosmicorion

9.1 The user may only use Cosmicorion services for private purposes in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The user is solely responsible for all content posted on Cosmicorion.

9.2 The user may not place any links on websites with illegal content on Cosmicorion. Likewise, users are prohibited from making any expressions, offensive, harassing, defamatory, sexist, racist, extreme political, extreme religious, or extreme ideological expressions within the software in the user profile or otherwise on websites.

9.3 Setting the following contents to Cosmicorion is not permitted to the user, regardless of the form (e.g., in his or her own profile, etc.), without this list being final: Propaganda Means, Unconstitutional Organizations, Incitement, misleading or impersonating content, violence, threat, violation of human dignity, erotic representations of minors, pornography, advertisement or promotion of drugs, drugs or illicit substances of any kind in an open or concealed form, as well as criminal contents of any kind. Prohibition also extends to content that has satirical or criticizing the above circumstances.

9.4 Advertising by users – in whatever form -, in particular, but not exclusively, the sending of notices with commercial or otherwise company-related content (advertising, personnel recruiting, chain letters, pyramid schemes, competitions, lotteries, betting games, snowballs systems, etc.) to other users of Cosmicorion, as well as the use of personal data of other users (in particular names, e-mail addresses, etc.) for commercial purposes of any kind (especially advertising), is prohibited.

10. Prohibition of Electronic Attacks

The user is strictly prohibited from carrying out any electronic attacks on the application servers, databases, network, or individual users. Any user found to be involved in electronic attacks will be immediately excluded from the platform (termination without notice) and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible under civil and criminal law. The following list is not exhaustive and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Attempting to bypass, overcome, or disable application's security measures
  • Intercepting or attempting to intercept personal information intended for other users
  • Using computer programs (such as crawlers, spiders, bots) to automatically read, store, modify, or forward data from application's databases or to automatically post content (in profiles, etc.)
  • Deliberate use or dissemination of data or content that could jeopardize the operation of application's data center, data network, or the devices of individual users (such as spamming or mail bombs, viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.)
  • Intentional use of links, programs, or other techniques that could harm application's servers, databases, networks, or individual users
  • Brute force attacks
  • Phishing

11. Legal consequences in case of violation of these terms and conditions

11.1 If a user violates one or more provisions of clauses 8 to 10 of these Terms of Use, Cosmicorion may take action such as blocking or deleting affected content. In cases of serious infringements, Cosmicorion may terminate the use agreement without notice.

11.2 The user is responsible for indemnifying Cosmicorion against any claims made by third parties against Cosmicorion, their legal representatives, and/or fulfillment aids, as a result of the user breaching legal regulations (e.g. Bulgarian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), Electronic Commerce Act (ECA), Electronic Governance Act (EGA), Electronic Communications Act (ECoA), Consumer Protection Act (CPA), and the Advertising Act (AA)), contractual obligations, assurances, guarantees, or any other reasons. This includes the costs of necessary legal defense (legal and judicial costs at the statutory rate) on first demand. The user must also assist Cosmicorion in the defense of such third-party claims to the best of their knowledge and provide necessary information and/or information for this purpose.

11.3 Cosmicorion reserves the right to assert further claims such as damages or omission, and to reimburse a criminal complaint. This means that users may face legal consequences beyond what is stated in these terms and conditions if they violate them.

12. Inclusion of third parties

12.1 Cosmicorion may transfer some or all of its rights and obligations under this Agreement to third parties as long as it is reasonable for users and does not negatively impact them, and as long as it does not affect the provision of services or the fulfillment of other contractual obligations of Cosmicorion. However, the protection of data shall remain unaffected.

12.2 The user is not permitted to transfer any of their rights and obligations under this Agreement to third parties, whether in whole or in part.

13. Change of terms and conditions

We reserve the right to update or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time if it is in the best interest of our company. Such updates or modifications may be made to comply with legal requirements, to add new features to our platform, or due to changes in our business processes.

The revised terms will be communicated to you at least two (2) weeks prior to their effective date via email or within the app. If you do not object to the revised terms within two (2) weeks of receiving the notice, you are deemed to have accepted the changes. If you do not agree to the revised terms, you may terminate your usage of our app or we may terminate our relationship with you. We will notify you separately of the significance of the two-week period and the implications of not objecting to the revised terms.

14. Severability clause

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be unenforceable or invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The unenforceable or invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision that best achieves the intended purpose of the original provision. This provision applies in the event that any part of these Terms and Conditions is found to be incomplete.

Last updated on 2023-11-10.